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The Seattle area’s premier crawlspace and attic restoration company. We deal in more than just insulation - we deal in peace of mind. CrawlSpaces Elite offers state of the art products installed by our highly trained technicians. We are dedicated to the health and comfort of each of our customers by providing a safe and sanitary solution for your attic and crawlspace issues. Our services include:

  • Removal and replacement of insulation
  • Removal and replacement of wraps on pipes and air ducts
  • Removal and replacement of vapor barrier
  • Cleanup of rodent droppings and debris
  • Sanitation and deodorization of crawl spaces and/or attics
  • Rodent exclusion
  • Rebuilding of crawlspace doors/hatches

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Below are some of the services we offer. Click on the links for more detailed information.


Worried about what’s in your crawlspace? Let us help. We can help with your vapor barrier, insulation, and more.

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We offer clean-up of your attic along with insulation removal and replacement.

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Rodent Exclusion

We are your experts when it comes to rodent exclusion.

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Have a rodent-related mess? We can help clean it up and sanitize for you.

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Pest Control

As a division of Eco Elite Pest Control, we can help get rid of your rodents and other pests.

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