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Why choose Crawlspaces Elite?

We do things a little bit different here than other companies!  For starters, we don’t replace your insulation right away.  Now, this may catch some people off guard, but there is a reason for this.  We get so many phone calls from customers that hired other companies to come out and cleanout their crawlspace and spend thousands on putting in new insulation, just to have rodents return a few weeks later and ruin what was just put in.  This is because rodents leave their droppings and urine and removing insulation and vapor barriers help, but those smells remain in the crawlspace or attic for months.  Our approach is to remove the insulation and vapor barrier, seal up all entry points, clean-up all the droppings, and then sanitize/deodorize your crawlspace, removing the odor.  That way we can penetrate the wood and fully get rid of this smell.  By doing this, we greatly increases the odds that rodents will not return!

Because Crawlspaces Elite is a division of Eco Elite Pest Control, we are also experts in rodents!  Many other companies out there offering this type of service don’t know rodents and don’t know how to keep them out!  Why pay to have your crawlspace redone, just to have rodents return.  Our pest control division is highly-rated and has a team of over 30 pest and rodent specialists that can help with any rodent issues.

Also, we offer a WARRANTY!  If you enroll in a pest control maintenance program through Eco Elite Pest Control, if any damages occur from rats during the duration of your service, we will replace any damaged insulation or vapor barrier at no charge to you.  Contact us for terms and conditions.

We are licensed, bonded, and insured.  The technicians that arrive at your home are employees of Crawslpaces Elite and have completed background checks.  We do not use day-labor (temp) like some other companies in the area.

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About Our Pricing

As much as we’d love to list our prices online, there are just too many factors when it comes to this type of work.  We are generally offer some of the most competitive pricing in the Seattle area.  Contact us today to setup a time for a FREE quote from one of our skilled employees.

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